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Real Couples is no ordinary porn site it has become more of a cultural statement by horny British couples, as is often the case when some thing turns into a phenomenon horny couples are queuing up in the street to get in on the hot action.

Why i hear you ask! well they have to be real couples husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend ore just having a fling it does not matter as long as they are ordinary couples and not afraid of the camera, after a couple has approached the real couples team and been picked to appear on real couples, the real couples team go out and film an ordinary day in there lives getting to know them how they met looking at family pictures, and when they think the time is right then the real action starts.
Real action i hear the excitement in your voice, yeah well this depends on the couples personality.

If they are quiet then it might take a while for them to loosen up, If the couple is crazy wild and full of passion and lust then the action is immediate there really is no standard scene for sex when it comes down to these hot amateur couple, but no matter what type of couple the real couples team are filming it always ends in plenty of hot hard core action.

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